Collect monsters that breed and fight for you
Exchange your eggs for CASH PRIZES!
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Game features

Collect monsters

Collect monsters of different levels and with powers of plant, fire and water. Your monsters will lay eggs that are kept in the incubator

Break or fuse eggs

Collect eggs from your monsters and break them to obtain new monsters or fuse them to create more evolved eggs that produce higher level monsters.

Invite your friends

Invite your friends to play with you and earn different rewards for inviting them

Complete your album and claim rewards

Every time you get a new monster, that monster's card is added to your album. Complete your virtual album and claim incredible rewards such as Amazon gift cards and even a PS4!

Go to fight with your monsters

Put your monsters to fight and when you win you will steal one monster from your opponent

Beat minigames

Play fun mini-games to earn coins and thus feed your monsters that need to eat to gain energy

Complete Tasks

Complete tasks like surveys, installing an app, and similar tasks to earn free coins to feed your monsters and do other fun activities in the game.

Get Friends

Create your profile, add friends, leave comments on other profiles and show them your monsters!

Eggs exchange

You can exchange the eggs your monsters lay for cash prizes. For example: 10 white eggs can be exchanged for $ 0.10 instantly with payeer

Players Top

Compete against other players to achieve the best positions in our global and weekly rankings to win prestige and prizes!


Accumulate XP by winning battles with your monsters to rank up, collect medals and get rewards.

About the game

In Cryptonsters You can have fun collecting monsters, breeding them, feeding them, fusing their eggs and battling against other players.

Win fabulous prizes by completing your card album Or exchange your monster eggs for cash prizes, even prizes that are paid instantly!.